Laville Wines And Spirits: Great Ambience, Greater Wine List


When I finally discovered this jewel of a bar a few months ago, my days of hanging out in stuffy bars were officially over. This bar has that new age, urban personality, an extensive wine list, top notch food and a unique crowd; all things essential for an amazing bar experience.

When we go to a wine bar, we want to be introduced to something we’ve never had, eat something delicious, and not be inconvenienced by noise, poor service or many other irritants that plague most of Kampala bars.  For so many years, this city was short on such places that focus their energy on offering a variety of worthwhile wines and spirits and employing by an informed and interested staff. Laville is filling up this gap superbly.


The warmly lit, unfussy room has wall to wall shelves filled with wine the pillar upon which this whole operation is perched.  Along with popular wines, you’ll find an equally impressive list of spirits.


Centrally located at Village Mall Bugolobi this is the perfect place to wait out the jam on a work day or sit on the street front setting and while away a sunny afternoon.


Are you planning a family celebration, a birthday party or a work party with your colleagues? Laville’s convenient location is a perfect party venue.

For wine buffs or explorers,  Laville hosts wine and food tastings of readily drinkable and popular brands as well as a selection of the very best wines in the world.



This bar manages to do something that very few wine-focused establishments have in Kampala. It is a legitimate wine bar, a place to go drink and ignore the food. But it’s also a favorite general watering hole for those that want to treat it that way. It’s rare to see a place ride the line so well, but it works here. And that makes it one of my favourite bars in the city.