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5 Characteristics That Guarantee Success


Is success predestined or it is something anyone can achieve with hard work and a bit of luck? of money and material possessions you have. The meaning of success  is not a simple matter; it cannot be determined merely by the amount money or material possessions you have.  it goes far deeper. It can only be measured by the extent to which your inner peace and mental control enable you to be happy under all circumstances. That is real success. Most people who have achieved this kind of success share these five traits. These characteristics aren’t magical or inaccessible. They’re qualities you can work on and add to your own leadership style.


do everything half-heartedly. They use only about one-tenth of their attention. That is why they haven’t the power to succeed.  When you have a vision, you see things based on how they should be rather than how they are. Find something you’re passionate about, and ask yourself how it can be improved. When you can answer that question, make a move no matter what those around you think or say.


Life will test you. It will try you. You will encounter pitfalls but all these help you build your resilience muscle. When you make up your mind to do good things, you will accomplish them if you use dynamic will power to follow through. No matter what the circumstances are, if you go on trying, God will create the means by which your will shall find its proper reward. This is the truth Jesus referred to when he said: “If ye have faith, and doubt not,…if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea, it shall be done.” If you continuously use your will power, no matter what reverses come, it will produce success and health and power to help people, and above all, it will produce communion with God.  You can’t just give up when you lose an important client or your market share plummets. Look at your failures through a different lens, and use them to fortify your next endeavor.


There is a difference between your level of education and your intelligence. Your level of formal education doesn’t necessarily indicate your intelligence. It is your intelligence that will motivate you to ask the right questions and make calculated risks. The degree you have nothing to do with knowing when to make smart risks at the right time.


All the intelligence in the world will go to waste unless you act on your vision. Taking action isn’t as simple as it sounds. Procrastination or fear can easily paralyze you, but it’s important to remember that nothing great ever happened on its own. Connect with the present, block out emotional resistance, and carefully time your next move. Knowing the best time to act is something most successful people have mastered.


The root cause of many failures in life is lack of concentration. Attention is like a searchlight; when its beam is spread over a vast area, its power to focus on a particular object becomes weak, but focused on one thing at a time, it becomes powerful. Great men are men of concentration. They put their whole mind on one thing at a time. Without intensity and passion for what you do, you won’t be very good at it at least not as good as you could be. You may already be passionate about something, but for those who aren’t, experiment, ask questions, and explore new areas. You may find your interest in a place you never would have expected.