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Living A Champagne Lifestyle On A Lemonade Budget


The social media culture creates an illusion that someone out there is living a better life and we are lagging behind everyone else. According to Instangram, Facebook, Pintrest and Myspace, everyone shops at the trendiest boutiques, travels first class and life is nothing but one long fabulous party.

But did you know that you don’t need to spend money to have a fabulous life?  All the designer clothes and posh cars on the planet won’t make you more popular; if you think they do, you might need to have your head examined and evaluate the people in your circle.

The first step to living a luxurious life on less is to define what luxury is to you. You feel much happier if you find what you really enjoy or value and cut out the rest.  Select your treats wisely and savour them. Every once in a while it’s fun to splurge on an insanely pricey gadget or a fancy pair of shoes. Choose something that makes you feel excited to indulge in and then savour every moment of it. You need to be savvy about your money. Don’t just buy because everyone is buying; make every shilling you spend count.

Have the patience to hold out for the best. We live in the instantaneous age; we are all always in a hurry to choose what’s best and acquire it. We acquire things, people, and experiences without consideration to their quality because we don’t have the time to really stop and enjoy them.  And, like anything worthwhile, much of the pleasure is in the lingering. Enjoyment always happens in the moment. A simple meal prepared with fresh ingredients is every bit as enjoyable as the fancy food ordered online. To really have a rich life give yourself the luxury of time. Take your time when choosing experiences, people and everything else.

Be honest with yourself about your money. There is this guy in town that has become a running joke in town; he tells long tales about how he is loaded yet the truth is that he can’t even afford to fuel his wife’s car anymore. You can only create a realistic budget when you get really clear on your finances. Just because you’re not earning a six-figure income doesn’t mean you can’t live a life you absolutely love. It’s all in your attitude, so start cultivating luxury in ways that you can afford and you might be surprised how quickly you feel differently about your wallet – and your beautiful life.

Eliminate the unnecessary and spend on what is really important to you.  Why do you have all those bottles of perfume, deodorants and roll-ons?  Three scents are enough.  Do you need that big house? Why not downsize and save money for building your dream home? Must you lunch in style every day?   What about reducing your spending on entertainment by staying home some weekends? Even making small cuts could add up to a lot of saving that you can spend on what you really want.

Seek knowledge. You cannot live luxuriously if you have no knowledge of what luxury is. The most important part of enjoying things is appreciating them.  Don’t rely on some authority to dictate what’s best but get the history and vocabulary of whatever field you are interested in.  When necessary, make use of expert opinion it’s a lot cheaper to read reviews of the latest best sellers than buying them and personally finding out that you actually don’t like them. Having knowledge lets you make informed choices. But even more important than the knowledge that you already have is engaging in the process of seeking more.

You are what you say you are. The bible tells us that the tongue holds the power of life and death. So you will never feel luxurious or extravagant if you’re constantly telling yourself and everyone else how broke you are and every purchase leaves you wracked with guilt. Instead, focus on the fact that you already have enough. Create a list of the areas of your life that are abundant. Count your blessings. Remember that money is energy and where it flows, grows. When you become mindful about your spending rather than mindlessly squandering it, it becomes a lot easier to feel good about your finances. But it’s essential that you also start changing the way you talk and think about money.