Change Your Story, Change Your Life

life story

Did you know that the stories we tell ourselves manifest into realities? You might not consider yourself a storyteller, but every day you tell yourself stories. A lot of these stories start off as facts and we add to them, creating fictional tales that we then take as truth and experience as reality.

We revisit what happened or we create scenes that have yet to happen and they feel incredibly real. If we did this in a positive way; spent time dwelling on that amazing memory of a great day, this wouldn’t be such a problem, but when was the last time you spent a lot of time thinking about how wonderful something was or how great it’s going to be?

It makes sense to reflect on the past and it is good to consider what might go wrong so you might prepare and avoid disastrous situations.  But the quality of these stories is what makes a difference because they do have power over us.

When we tell them enough, we start to believe them. Regardless of what actually happened, if we’ve created a memory of it and we keep telling that story, we believe that’s the truth. Likewise, if you imagine something enough and think it’s going to happen, it might actually become a reality.

But, in truth, the only thing that’s real, that’s actually happening right now, is the present moment. Whatever is in your head is a story. It would be ideal if we changed the stories we are telling ourselves.

We need to start asking: What stories am I telling myself?  Are these stories completely based on actual reality? Are they adding value to my life? And, perhaps most importantly, we need to start asking: If I’m the storyteller, why not tell positive stories?

Seek a larger perspective. Usually our perspective is based on previous experiences and too often rooted in fear. We have read countless stories of people who made it after unbelievable setbacks. Imagine if they had listened to the story that was running through their heads!

Affirm what you know is true. You can either live life based on past experiences, current feelings—or transcendent truth. This is why it is important to immerse yourself in the life of other successful people. What do you know for sure to be true?

Write a new script. We don’t have to be passive spectators in our stories; we certainly don’t have to be victims. While God is ultimately sovereign, we have been given the ability to make choices. Our choices matter more than we think. They can affect the outcome.

Starting today, let’s become aware of what we are telling ourselves. Whenever we feel like we are losing the plot, let’s remember to call on God so that we are able to tell better stories and hence make our loves better.