Hello! This Is Life Calling. . .


Life is calling you and you should go toward it with utmost passion and involvement, not with hesitation and calculation. If you listen carefully you will hear it telling you to live to your full potential. It is telling you to be truly passionate about every aspect of your life.

Listen here is what life wants you to know;

You are highly privileged.

You are highly favored.

You are powerful.

You are unlimited.

Here is what life wants you to do;

Meditate upon yourself.

Honor yourself with every desire, hope and dream.

Love yourself enough to give yourself and your God the first thought of the day.

And then throughout the day, think tender, powerful thoughts about yourself.

Every moment you get invoke the power of the living God into your life.

Fill your mind with powerful images of your unlimited endeavors.

Here is what you should seek;

Seek His favour first.

Pray for clarity of mind because it leads to clarity of action.

Seek pure thoughts because only then can God dwell in you.

Today take a moment to create something new, something beautiful even if it is just the way you think about yourself.