Greenleaf: Faith, Scandal And Dark Secrets


If you had a long week and are looking for a TV show that will take your mind off your own drama, look no further than mega church drama Greenleaf.  Created by Writer/Producer Craig Wright (“Lost,” “Six Feet Under”), the series stars Oprah Winfrey, Merle Dandridge, Lynn Whitfield and Keith David.

Greenleaf centers on the journey of estranged daughter and disillusioned preacher Grace Greenleaf (Merle Dandridge, “The Night Shift”) who has returned home after 20 years on the occasion of the mysterious death of her sister, Faith. As she reenters the world of Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, the Memphis megachurch run by her powerful parents Bishop James Greenleaf (Keith David, “Enlisted” and “Community”) and Lady Mae Greenleaf (Lynn Whitfield, “The Josephine Baker Story”), it becomes evident that things are not as virtuous as they seem and that the family’s outward display of faith hides sin and misdeeds.

The show pulls back the veil on what goes on in the secret and sacred hollows of modern churches, exposing the lies, scandal and dark secrets. But beneath the greed, adultery, sibling rivalry, conflicting values and multigenerational deception that involves the church’s founding family lies the power of something greater that persistently compels the errant back to the straight and narrow. The show is very fresh and I found it more relevant than most shows that tackle spiritual matters. This is a must watch for everyone who loves delicious melodrama.