Tips For Choosing Great Eid-ul-Fitr Gifts


The day is finally here and everyone is filled with excitement. Between looking for appropriate clothing and all the other stuff, picking gifts is the last thing on everyone’s mind. If you have always honored invitations with just your presence, know that your hosts are always disappointed but they are too polite to show it. Luckily today we are thinking about them and you. Here is a guide to help you pick great and appropriate gifts.

Satisfy their craving

It’s been a long month of fasting and you can celebrate its end with food galore. Take along with you packed goodies like biscuits, chocolate and candy.  You can also supplement your host’s meal with fresh fruits.

Go trendy

This is especially relevant for kids, tweens and teens. Check out the latest trends and see if you can give them a similar gift that presents an Islamic alternative. For instance, if you can’t get your son away from the PlayStation, get him the Abu Saleh game. But you don’t always have to provide an alternative if the trend is good for the brain and body. An electronic Sudoku puzzle is a great gift for teenagers and adults.

Take what your host actually needs

Has your host just had a baby? Then take baby supplies; you can’t go wrong. Has your host just moved into a new home? Then take home supplies; you can’t go wrong with a great wall hanging, rug or glassware.

Pick up on the hints

In terms of your immediate family, you must have picked up on  those hints dropped unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally) expressing interest in visiting a place, trying out a new restaurant, checking out a new video game, etc. in the weeks preceding Eid. Conversations before bedtime with kids or during dinner with the whole family can provide clues.

Think ahead

Eid-ul-Fitr is always about two months ahead of the Hajj season. If your gift recipient will be going or is planning on doing so next year, a Hajj-related gift will be timely and appreciated. You can give a DVD or video, books, Hajj gear.