There is a little girl in all of us that feels overwhelmed, bewildered and lost regardless of age, qualification or social status. That little girl needs to be reminded of the father’s unconditional love and told that life always gets better. So, this is a letter for the little girl in all of us and for the actual little girls all over the world.

There will be good days and bad days and you should be grateful for all of them. Each day is a blessing and what you choose to do with your blessings will determine how you will be blessed.

When you try to meet life on your own terms, you will be forced to renegotiate those terms. But know that you will always be protected, and no matter what, you will always be loved.

Life is full of wonder and excitement and it is all available to you. Focus on one thing at a time. Enjoy it, taking the pleasant memories of it into the next experience.

Be kind to people even when they are not being kind in return. Find something to appreciate about everything and everyone. When you appreciate, you get more to appreciate.

You don’t have to rely on people for your good, your heavenly father in His kindness has already provided, all you need to do is ask and be willing to receive.

Always tell the truth, the way you would want to hear it with love and compassion.  Omission of information is the same as a lie. Always honor what you feel.  Don’t hold your growth back by fearing to make mistakes. It is these mistakes that make masters when evaluated.

The more you walk through fire, the stronger you get. It’s going to take the courage of a lion to overcome your obstacles, overtake your competition and ultimately win at whatever you set your mind to. Because without fear you become unstoppable.


Always give your best and never doubt whether it is good enough. People may not remember everything you do, but they will remember how you do it. Honor where you come from and the people that have helped you along the way.

Take good care of your mind because a well-ordered mind will never lead you astray. The best way to keep your mind in perfect condition is by putting God first.

Know that the best things in life are not things but people. When you choose a man, choose one who can afford to laugh at himself because a man who can’t is a danger to himself and others. Choose a man who trusts himself, one who can’t trust himself cannot be trusted and a man who can’t be trusted cannot love.

In every situation always choose love, choose faith, and wisdom.