Your Life Is A Testimony Of Who You Are


The way we live our live says a lot about who we think we are. When we are not clear that we are worthy, worthwhile and valuable beings, we believe life must be hard. This belief is then manifested in your life as constant difficult situations.

On the other hand, when we have an intact and healthy sense of our worth; when we don’t have to compare ourselves with everyone else, when we value every individual and are not threatened by differences life then becomes worth living.

So the clearer you are about who you are and what you stand for, the more power you will exert in the world, whilst remaining as humble and down to earth as you wish. The point is that everything we do matters and makes either a positive or a negative impact on everything around us.

What is your life’s message? Does your life have an inspiring message for others?

What legacy are you creating? Is there a noble cause you believe in and are championing?

What are the things you value most and can never compromise on? What is your relationship with other people in your life and all around you? Do they feel uplifted by coming in contact with you? Who are your friends? The mark of a person is the company he or she regularly keeps. So do your friends have equally lofty ideals and goals?

How do you live; is your home a beautiful place of relaxation and comfort or a cluttered nightmare?

Live your life the best way you can with the highest principles in mind. Live in such a way that one day you can look back and say that you did the best you could and through the example of your life, you showed others how to live.

Let everything you do, say and have, be a message about how life should be lived.