If It doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You


Would life be better if we never faced lean times, opposition, rejection, defeat or abandonment? Is it even possible to live in a world where there are no worries and no changes?

I know for sure that there has not been one difficult moment or experience that hasn’t helped me grow as a person in the long run.  It may have taken me years to figure out the why, in fact I’m still asking a few “why mes?”  But I also know that I am a stronger individual because of all the challenges I have faced.

People come into our lives and then leave.  We will find jobs and lose them. Opportunities will slip through our fingers.  Friendships will crumble.  Partnerships will end. Nothing is meant to stay in your life forever.  Instead of wishing the changes away, we should remember that the purpose of these situations is to make us better.

As crazy as this might sound, challenging circumstances serve the purpose of teaching us how to enjoy the moment. Life is a series of highs and lows, but we can’t allow our lows to snatch our joy and dictate our feelings. Learn to enjoy every moment of every day despite what life presents. The more we practice, the better we will be at enjoying the moment.

When we focus on our problems, we give them strength and feed their growth. When we focus on problems, our problems take us where they want us to go. Generally, this is a place of despair, depression, uncertainty, and dead-ends. When we follow our problems, we tend to see our glass as half empty.  Therefore focus on solutions, keep your thoughts in the moment, and what you can accomplish in the now.

Sometimes it can be tempting to do nothing about the challenge and remain in the status quo. But I strongly suggest you choose a harder choice, fight with your challenge and let it lift you to a higher position.  Don’t just hang your head and allow to become a victim, fight back, throw a few bold punches, and keep punching until your opponents recoil from your power.

Have faith that you will find the strength and the closure you need to move into a new cycle for yourself. You can’t fight changes. They will come whether you or ready for them or not. Learn to trust that life will avail only those experiences you need for your own evolution. Life happens and we all have tough times. But those who learn from their challenges become stronger.