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Find Out What You’re “Meant” To Do


These days whenever I bring up this passion topic I get dirty looks from people who are obviously “pushing” on with their lives never having discovered their own.

See, passion isn’t a hobby; it is the spark that ignites the fire for our greatness. It will persuade people to follow you and to believe in you. It is what makes the difference between those who create new things, lead new trends and those who die with all their dreams inside of them. So how do you find your passion?

Follow your emotions

All of our emotions exist for good reason. If we didn’t feel fear, the human race would probably be extinct. So if something you makes you feel peaceful then you are on the right track. Not what makes you feel joyful, or even “happy.” Those emotions are fleeting, and are not grounded sensations upon which you can truly build a sustainable life. Focus on what makes you feel at peace with yourself. That’s where you should be headed.

Think differently

It may help to know that the most successful people in life generally are renegades.  In fact, many of the world’s most successful people dropped out of school to indulge their passion. Only a tiny fraction of people can expect to excel in the narrow subjects that traditional education provides.  Plus you are competing against ‘everybody in the world who went to school’, which doesn’t help our chances. But if you look outside of that space, you’ll find less competition, and more options. And this is how you tip the odds of finding a passion in your favour.

Embrace new trends

New careers are being born every day, careers where everyone else is hopelessly incapable, and even modest skills can be impressive. If you can find something new that’s growing fast, and get skilled at it early, you’ll find it disproportionately easy to excel because of the lack of competition. And that’s your new passion right there.

Find your natural abilities

The most successful people in the world are good, not exceptional but good at various things. Fused together these skills make exceptional people; consider Steve Jobs. You can be as abstract as you are literal and practical. Or you’re good at helping or healing or painting or writing or being a student. Acknowledge all the things you’re good at, even if they don’t immediately seem transmutable into a “career.”

Find your natural interests

Do you find yourself calculating everything or doodling nonstop or do you come alive when you talk to people?  What articles do you regularly click on? What feeds do you follow? All of these things comprise who you are; they’re not random details, they’re symbolic and important. And pieced together, they create patterns that point to larger truths.

What legacy do you dream of leaving behind?

All that we’ll leave behind, ultimately, is what is in our hearts. If this is true, what will be left of you at the end of the day? What makes you proud to be alive? What makes you proud to be who you are? Do you want people remembering you for how many hours you spent in an office, or how many hours you spent with family and friends? Do you want to be remembered for your kindness, professionalism or both

What does your dream life consist of?

Think about it on an hour-to-hour basis. If you only focus on what you want the image to be, you’re only considering how you want other people to consume your life not how you want to actually live it. The trick and the truth is that the person you imagine is who you truly are. The work you have to do is getting everything else out of the way that convinces you that you are any less. Your best self is the person you’re meant to be, and whatever that person is and does, is what you’re meant to do.