The Forgiveness Prayer That Will Set You Free


Yes you have been hurt, you have been disappointed. You feel broken, confused and bitter. You could choose to live like that for the rest of your life or you could choose to be free. The fastest way to free ourselves from hatred, frustration and anger is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness means not merely forgiving the person who hurt us, but forgiving ourselves, forgiving God, forgiving even life itself with all its bizarre and often cruel twists and turns.

Forgiveness is letting go and building the confidence necessary to experience healthy and positive growth. It is declaring that you will no longer remain locked in the past as a victim of circumstances; that you will no longer perpetuate negative life-patterns through blame and anger; that you will instead access the strength and love that God gives you day by day, moment by moment in order to fulfill the unique and singular purpose for which you and only you were created.

When you forgive, you have taken control of your life, rather than being a victim of it.

Here is a powerful forgiveness prayer for you:

I forgive the tears I was made to shed,

I forgive the pain and disappointments,

I forgive the betrayals and the lies,

I forgive the slanders and intrigues

I forgive the hatred and persecution

I forgive the blows that hurt me

I forgive the wrecked dreams

I forgive the stillborn hopes

I forgive the hostility and jealousy

I forgive the indifference and ill will

I forgive the anger and cruelty

I forgive neglect and contempt

I forgive the world and all its evils.