Beauty Tricks That Will Change Your Life


We live in a world obsessed with perfection yet achieving perfection is extremely costly. That’s where this article comes in; to help you look your best without breaking the bank.

Use turmeric to whiten teeth


All you really need is a tablespoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of turmeric. Mix it together in a small bowl until it becomes a paste, and then using your toothbrush, brush your teeth like you normally would. Since turmeric has an abrasive texture (much like baking soda), stains should lift right off.  Remember to rinse your mouth a few times to get any residual yellow off.

Remove elbows bumps with yoghurt


If you are like me, you must find those little skin bumps especially on the elbows unsightly. Put a spoonful of yoghurt in a bowl. Then, using a warm and damp washcloth, gently rub the yoghurt on your arms. Let it sit for ten minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. The lactic acid in the sour cream will help break down keratin buildup on your skin’s surface and the washcloth will help slough off dead cells.

One more use for the cotton bud


Whatever you do, don’t use your finger to clear up a mascara mistake. (Pulling at the delicate skin near your eye can lead to under-eye sagging and wrinkles–yikes!) Instead, use a Q-Tip that’s been dipped in your moisturizer (all you need is a tiny dab) to gently wipe away the smudge.

Remove stubborn nail polish with lemon


Just squeeze fresh lemon juice into a bowl of warm water, and then soak any nails with stubborn polish stains for five minutes a pop. The acidity in the lemon should cause any lingering color to lift right up.

Clear dark under eye with parsley

green leaves of parsley isolated on white background

Too much partying showing on our face? No problem. All you need is a bowl and some chopped fresh parsley. Grind the leaves with a spoon until the juices are released and then stir in a tablespoon of hot water (or yogurt). Once the mixture cools, dip a couple of makeup pads in the juice and set them on each eye for ten minutes. Do this twice a week and within a month, you’ll see a difference.

Perfect lipstick color with concealer


Here is another nifty use of that concealer you reluctantly bought. If your lipstick doesn’t turn out the way it looks on the bottle, don’t panic. Just pat your clean lips with an even layer of your everyday concealer, then re-apply the lipstick. This will give you a neutral canvas so the lipstick looks exactly how it does in the tube.