We all have those days when it seems as if the things we want to work just won’t work. We lay awake at night making fail proof plans that we have no doubt will crumble with the light of the day.

We give into the frenzy of frustration and despair even when we know deep down that they are not the solution. “Why can’t we get a break?” We question in bewilderment.

There are just so many things at play: the complex lives and temperaments of others, our own complex emotions and relationships, changes in desires, curiously shifting outcomes, unhealthy patterns and attachments, the seemingly infinite factors that contribute to “success” or “failure”, the perspectives that challenge and shape our views and emotions, love, loss, death, and the ever-changing nature life…perhaps, even, the alignment of the planets. It’s a lot.

If you continuously feel as if the world is literally sitting on your shoulders, what you need is to lighten your load.

Empty yourself; empty your space till you can feel the silence, bone-deep clarity, soulful presence of grace.

When we soften into that grace, allowing it and resting in it, anything repressed (pain, joy, dreams, desires) will emerge.  And its emergence even if it’s painful – will show up to show us the way.

Grace comes at the time we need it, no sooner and never late. You see, God’s grace is about right now, right where you are standing.  What are you facing right now?  He is there with you.  The future is His, the past is His, and the right now is His.  When the pressure gets to us, we tend to forget that “His grace is sufficient,” for it all, to let go of the future, and the past, and trust Him now.  We aren’t even promised tomorrow, so let’s live today, with the resources we have, right now, and trust in His grace that He has given to us today.

With grace comes ease and suppleness of movement, and divine assistance. Grace ends resistance, unclogs blockages and restores the life-giving flow.

If your life feels like it’s crashing down all around you, today take a moment to ease yourself into that space where His grace awaits.