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Career Goals: How To Prepare For A Great 2017


As 1 January comes closer, each one of us will have a great decision to make; whether to make this the year that changes everything or to linger a little bit longer in our comfort zone.

To have a successful year, you need a clear head and inspiration in your heart. Start by identifying and clearing all of last year’s unnecessary physical, emotional and spiritual garbage. Here are more ways to tidy up and ready yourself for the year.

Write down your absolute priorities

Start the year with clear purpose. Take a few hours to identify the priorities that will advance your journey this year. Write out your top five initiatives for the next three months or post them on the wall by your desk. Take a picture and make it the home screen on your smart phone or post them on your mirror or your computer monitor.

De-clutter your environment

Isn’t it shocking how much clutter one collects in just one year?

Your desk

Use this down time to empty all your trays and clear away those molding files that have become an eyesore to your clients and colleagues.  Throw away those invitation cards, receipts that have long been dealt with or expired.

Your email

File away or archive emails that are important. Only leave emails in your inbox that require specific action. You may be surprised at what you find, perhaps even opportunities you missed earlier in the year. Delete everything else. Be efficient and brutal about clearing out the tasks. If you didn’t look at it for more than three months, and you still can’t deal with the issue, then it’s probably not that important.

Update your social media

Reduce your friend list to people who are truly important in your life. If you don’t remember a person or how you haven’t exchanged anything worthwhile the whole year, then clearly you have no use for each other and they won’t mind being unfriended.

Reach out to your social network. Go through your list, look at the profiles, and identify 10 specific people who can actually help you with your desired objectives. Send each of them a Happy New Year greeting and begin a conversation. Sort through your Groups and eliminate the ones that no longer support your interests.