Growth Goals: If You Want A New Ending Simply Start A New Beginning


It is true that the first step is always the intention;how we end this year will be determined by how we started it.

Instead of starting the year with desires and dreams inspired by fear and lack, let’s invite a new year that is filled with the joy and blessings of a beautiful new dawn.

The perfect time to do that is now time when the universe gifts us with a bridge to leave behind what no longer serves us and cross over onto a new and illuminated path.

Leave behind and let go of any negativity you carry in your soul. Forgive yourself for having made mistakes. Learn from them and change your behavior to reflect s positive outcome you already know you want.

Let go of all toxic people and toxic relationships. As hard as it is- you must let go to move on. Put yourself first and not just saying you are, but truly caring for yourself as if you are your own love.

Break the cycle of pleasing everyone. Please yourself.

Starting today, leave behind what could have been, or should have happened, but didn’t.

Let go of the habit of making excuses rather than decisions.

Give up on all those old lies you’re still holding on to and living through.

Leave behind any attempt to deliberately fail someone just to get ahead.

Free yourself of any negative thoughts and worries and replace them with positive happy peaceful thoughts. And most of all, firmly decide to make a change and live consciously.

As you start raising your consciousness, your desires, your interests and your priorities will change. You will start to realize that you, and only you, is the creator and the prime authority for your life, in spite of all other external appearances. You will start creating a life surrounded with more beauty, more joy, more ease, flow, love and happiness that you could ever thought possible.

May you experience the most wondrous journey as an unlimited divine being having a temporary human experience this year.

Have a great new year.