A good day starts with a good night’s sleep and you can’t have that in a bedroom that lacks peace and tranquility. To create a peaceful bedroom takes expertise and strategy. Here are top expert tips and tricks will help make your sleeping space as soothing and comfortable as possible.

 Incorporate candles

With their sweet scents and keen ability to make any room cozier, candles are your best friend when it comes to a peaceful night’s sleep. And with so many shapes, sizes, and styles, they also double as great décor.

Use cool colors

Your brain needs to calm down after the hustle it goes through during the day. To aid this, integrate cool colors. Blues, purples, and greens with grey undertones look incredibly chic all the while calming your brain down.

 Remove electronics

The last thing you want to hear as you try to sleep is a beep, a ping or a notification. Make sure that there are as few electronic distractions and interruptions as possible to optimise your peace of mind for deep sleep.

Cozy up your bed

If you are trying to get a good night’s sleep, you ought to make your bed as comfortable as possible. Add luxurious bedding, fluffy pillows, and super soft sheets.

Embrace minimalism

Removing visual clutter helps remove clutter from your mind which consequently helps you rest more easily.

Let natural light in

Keep your curtains open during the day, open your windows, and raise the shades. Let the sun wash all over the bedroom.

Bring life with plants

Incorporating elements from nature will evoke feelings of being safe and grounded.  Air plants and succulents can work the same amount of magic while requiring little to no effort or plant knowledge on your part.

Create Symmetry

Symmetry is great for rest in much the same way minimalism is. If one side of your room mirrors the other, your brain will have less distraction and the less distraction the easier it is to have a good night’s sleep.