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Love Gardening But Have No Permanent Home? Try A Moveable Garden

I love the whole idea of planting something and watch it grow. For a while I was discouraged because of my nomadic lifestyle. If you are among the millions of Ugandans living in rentals you know how heartbreaking it is to leave behind your months and months of effort when moving.

Unwilling to give up this joy, I landed on this novel idea of a movable garden. Just as the name suggests, a movable garden is mobile. By using pots, containers, and hanging baskets you will create your garden to go as they say.


Ensure that each pot has plenty of drainage holes so excess water can escape. This is incredibly important as, if your soil becomes too wet, your plants’ roots could rot, which will cause them to die. Unfortunately, many containers are sold without sufficient drainage, but you can fix this by drilling or punching more holes into the bottom of them.


Hang or place your containers in the areas of your garden that get the most sun, as this is where they’ll thrive.

Choose the right plants


When choosing the plants for your portable garden, you should think very carefully and do plenty of research. Any flowers or shrubs you pick out need to be robust enough to survive any future moves. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself starting from scratch with your garden whenever you set up home in a new place.  As well as choosing plants that will fare well in containers, I’d recommend opting for low-maintenance varieties that look great all year round. Also, as you can’t be sure what kind of outdoor space your future homes will have, it’s wise to opt for plants that can survive in a range of different environments. Plants like Black calocasia, red geraniums, magenta petunias and lime licorice are champs and very aesthetically appealing.

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