The Power of the Names We Call Ourselves

We are so good at giving people in our lives beautiful, empowering names but do nothing for ourselves. It is not rare to hear parents call their children sunshine, dew, dawn all the things that bring life and joy into the world but turn around and curse themselves labeling themselves foolish, selfish, incompetent, undependable, broke. Then there are those names you fear people call you behind your back victim, coward, outcast, single, addict, angry. These descriptions might be accurate but they are not who you are.

I always heard the saying that to know is to change and didn’t really get it until I listened to presentation about names that changed my life forever.  I learnt that we do speak things into existence and it starts in our hearts, then our minds and through our lips.

I learnt that the names we call ourselves do not only possess unseen powers but they are also like mantras bringing a harmonious flow to our lives or sucking energy out of it.

In the book of Ruth 1:20, after Naomi’s husband and sons died, she attempted to change her name to Mara, or bitterness, to reflect her hard circumstances. Neither history nor her daughter-in-law Ruth indulged her, and before long, God again blessed her with a family.

Maybe like Naomi, you have gone through some things that have blinded you to the fact that you are the most powerful force in the world. That we have power to use the struggles, the pain, the frustrations, the anger, the sadness and the suffering as stepping stones to becoming more of who and what we are.

As we get into this very auspicious last half of the year weekend, forget mistakes, forget failures, and forget everything except that you are limitless. Take a moment to really think about your life with the divine knowledge that everything happens for your own good, and then have a naming ceremony.

Rename events, emotions, places and people in your life. But most importantly choose a new name for yourself. Choose a name so majestic that it empowers you to fulfill your divine destiny; a name that emits vibrations of goodness, strength, joy, health, and happiness. Choose a name that exalts who you truly are.