Do you know your why?  Do you know why you got out of bed today; picked out that outfit you did, ate what you ate, and talked to who you talked to?

Last month was a tragic one for me. I lost one of my oldest friends one of the most amazing people I was ever privileged to work with. Before I could finish mourning him, my beautiful cousin’s husband also died.  These men, in the prime years of their lives were great lovers of life; the kind of people you meet and know without a doubt that they can change the world. And they did in their own special ways.

In her award winning novel Paradise, Tonny Morrison describes that moment as I sat in that church saying goodbye to my brother-in-law, feeling the incredible, palpable grief that engulfed fellow mourners, as a single moment of aching sadness. The unacceptable incomprehensible moment when we confirm, defer or lose our faith.

That moment forced me to contemplate my own mortality and wonder whether when my time came, anyone would be able to aptly sum up the why of my life.

I know I am not alone. There is nothing that makes people ponder on the meaning of life more than tragedy. We all have those moments.

It is said that all of our decision are intrinsically guided by three basic abstractions, we long for love, we wish we had more time and we fear death.

Unfortunately, when life pushes us in a corner we delude ourselves about the urgency and fragility of life. We think we can postpone the future. We push back our personal goals and chase after trivial things. Instead of enjoying the moments we have, we fast forward through them like an uninteresting video. We let work take priority over our loved ones.

So, today, ask your best friend, spouse or your mentor or any person you believe knows you as well as you know yourself to write down what they think your life is all about. If what you read is far from what you think you are doing, consider this a wakeup call and realign your life goals.

Seize and treat each day more seriously than the last one.  Make the most of today while you build a better tomorrow.

Let’s not be afraid of our mortality but let it motivate us to elevate every moment we are blessed with.

Do your actions today tie with your big why?

Leave your thoughts below!