How much do you know about human motives?

Dealing with people is as tricky as it is enlightening. Some people are generally adjusted and have evolved beyond pettiness, and then there are those whom you feel forced to walk on eggshells around lest they misinterpret your motive. If you have found yourself wondering why, your simple statement almost brought about world war three, here is why.

Most people have little insight into what ignites their day-to-day behavior, according to scientific evidence. Often described as motives, forces that drive and direct our behavior are based on a series of tacit beliefs that we have about ourselves. These self-beliefs determine the direction and intensity of our motivated action. The beliefs determine what we do, how we do it, and how we see our accomplishments in relation to the rest of the world.

Self-beliefs are so powerful that the evaluations will strongly influence the careers we seek, the relationships we pursue, and ultimately what we do or do not accomplish in life.

Sometimes we worry about nothing, or become anxious or angry or stressed by a fictitious problem in our head that has nothing to do with what others intended or meant or anything of that sort.

Here are important things to remember about human motives.

Never blame malice for what can easily be explained by conceit. People don’t care about you. This isn’t because people are mean or hurtful, but simply because they are mostly focused on themselves.

Most intentions behind our actions are hidden even to ourselves.

People are forgetful by nature, so once again, don’t assume malice or disinterest if something is forgotten.

People are driven by emotion although they pretend to be in control.

People who are generally try their best, but make mistakes and suffer from unintended self-absorption. In other words, they are basically like you.

When in doubt forgive. Forgiveness is very useful for bringing a better world and attaining inner peace.  When you forgive, you connect with different energies and spirits than when you revenge or even entertain negative thoughts.

Don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions about others’ motives, always do your best.