Coworkers are like family; you cannot pick them but you can choose those you want to be in your life. This is the perfect time to express to your gratitude to the people who have shared your work ups and downs with all year long. You could tell them how grateful you are for all they do for you or you could say it with a gift. Because we know finding the perfect gift for someone at work or in your professional circle is tricky, we rounded up these amazing ideas to get you going.

A book

Pick a book you read that changed your life or one that you have heard them talk about.  There is something really personal and meaningful about sharing a book you love with someone, and it is a great way to convey lots of meaning to a peer, employee, mentee, or friend without spending a lot of money.

Notecards or notepads

Get unique notepads or notecards that will make the person want to use again and again.  Everybody writes things down, sends thank you notes, and sends messages to other people throughout the day, so fancy stationery makes those normally mundane processes a little less mundane.

Nice pens

I am yet to find someone who does not love pens. Even with technology taking over most of our writing, pens are still so relevant. There is something magical about writing with a great pen.

Nice hand lotion

Everyone loves soft, smooth hands so a lotion that does this will be a great gift. Be careful when buying the hand lotion though because what smells great to you might not be so great for the next person. If you cannot afford the luxury brand names, get an un-perfumed one, try Amagara products.

A great mug

A great mug will make the person feel really special. Buy something that is meaningful to them. It could be a mug from their favourite team, restaurant or city.

A day off

If you are capable of handling your colleague’s duties why not send them home for the day just because it is their birthday or they are celebrating something special?  If you are the boss that makes it even easier let them know you are happy to send them home to enjoy their day exactly as  wish, or give them a future vacation day for them to use as they please.

A nice pair of in-ear headphones

Give them the gift of lovely listening with some in-ear headphones to liven up their moments in jam or the long hours at the office.

A travel thermos or water bottle

A high quality travel container can be a much appreciated way to improve their travel time between home and work. A nice thermos or water bottle can take their beverage game to the next level, and make you the superstar who helped them get there.

A laptop bag

A laptop bag is a perfect gift for your coworker who loves carrying their gadgets around. Get them something that represents their style, and that is well made too, so that your gift actually makes traveling around with their computer a little bit more luxurious. Biika Bags have amazing African print laptop bags guaranteed to satisfy a variety of tastes.


Spoil your favourite workmate with chic scented candles of varying shapes and fragrances.

A pencil holder

Photo frames

Book markers

Coin purse