How to make life changing resolutions

More than ever, people seem to have woken up to the realization that a calendric change does not really guarantee a life change. Clichés such as New Year new me are met with snickers and with good reason too; when you think about it, nothing about you will change unless you plan to get a new job, new home, new friends and a new family; everything that makes you who you are, is still the same. However, there are some things you can change that can result in the profound life changes you desire.

For instance you can set new goals and change priorities with intention. But even this will not necessarily change your life, what will make a difference is your intention. As one of my favourite authors, Dannielle Laporte notes, “Everything you create starts with the spirit of your intention. Goals inform your choices and tell you what priorities and values to take action on.”

We all wish for something new every year but we will not get it doing the same things. I do understand why the illusion of a clean slate at the start of a new year can be incredibly seductive. We want all the ugliness and iniquity to firmly remain in the last year. We want the New Year to have nothing but new dreams and goals.

There is a hunger, an inexplicable yearning to start over. And it is this hunger that can blind us into over-committing. Taking on too much is a recipe for under-performance and stress. It is far more effective and satisfying to focus on the critical few things that really matter instead of attempting to tackle everything at the same time because none of this will lead to the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.   I hope this year you choose something different such as planning with clear intention which is a fail-proof way to achieve your dreams.

Have a great new year!