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Finally tech that does all your housework

Technology has left a huge chunk of the population jobless and more jobs are still at risk. Describing how many more jobs will be taken over by robots, a tech expert says “if what you do can be easily explained, then you are at risk.” I am shaking in my comfy heels right now, because I mean it does not get as simply explainable as editing. We have apps like Whitesmoke, Grammarly and Hemingway, to name a few that can probably do a better job than me. The only hope is that they are unable to infuse their perfectly constructed sentences with empathy and heart like I can. Well, not all technology is after our livelihood after all. Thanks to some smart mother loving geeks, a number of robots are now available that will rid busy women of their two biggest issues; household chores and paid house helps.

Imagine technology that will do your laundry, iron it and fold it neatly. You do not have to imagine anymore, because the Swash, a time-saving not-quite-washer advertised to take your clothes from “in between to looking clean” in ten minutes; and the Foldimate, a clothing-folding device are already here.

And remember those long frustrating nights you spent trying to rock your screaming baby to sleep? Well, you do not have to anymore, just put her in the capable hands of the Snoo, the crib that can rock your baby to sleep.

And my personal favourite, for entirely selfish reasons, there is Sony’s Aibo robot dog, a pet to satisfy your children without the cost that comes with a real dog. In hindsight a real dog might be cheaper than the $2,899.99, (Shs10,696,570) you have to pay for the Aibo.

Here are more interesting robots that you will be glad to have around your home.

Smart mops

Smart mops are able to navigate around your house. Instead of sucking up debris, however, they spray jets of water and wipe over it with a mop attachment. Some mops also have a sweep function, in case you need them to clean up a bit before adding water to the mix.

Robotic window cleaner

Forget the newspaper, Windex and ladders; the Albohes window washer is a faster and safer way to clean those hard-to-reach exteriors especially on multi-story buildings.

Toilet cleaning robot

The SpinX Toilet Cleaning Robot device includes scanning technology, making it suitable for different types of toilet bowls. Altan Robotech has also introduced their own Giddel Portable Toilet Cleaning Robot, which has similar features like scanning and collision detection.

Carpet cleaner

All you need to do is place this cute domed device on top of a stain, but after you push the button, the Spotbot will do the scrubbing for you. It has two settings; one for fresh stains and one for older, set-in stains.