Wouldn’t it be great if the world recognized and rewarded our genius vision and immeasurable effort? But that is not the way the world works. Sometimes success will come overnight, sometimes it will take decades. The process does not necessarily reflect the potency of your dream. However, what you do in the meantime will determine the rest of your life.

There is no blue print to success. One of my favorite success stories is that of James Dyson the chairman of Dyson, who is now worth $5.8 billion according to Forbes.  The English inventor, as many great inventors tend to be, is a self-taught engineer. For 25 years he did nothing but invent one gadget after another that did not make any economic difference to him. Dyson left a high paying job believing that his invention would become a big hit in about five years. He had approximately enough money to live on for those five years. But five years became ten years and ten years became twenty years. Soon the children were grown and had to go to school. He looked around for funders knocked on every door. But no one wanted to be part of something they thought had no logical ending. To survive he diversified and made the first ball barrow. This gave him some respite but brought its own share of problems. When the ball barrow became popular his partners kicked him out. His invention got duplicated beginning a 30 year court case.

But he refused to give up.

Decades later, he  produces 60 different electronic products billed to be the best in the industry.

The world is filled with great ideas that never got to see the light of day because their owners did not have enough faith in them.

It is okay to expect recognition and support for your dreams, but do not let that become the source of your confidence. Do not get angry at those who cannot see what you see. Do not start doubting yourself. The most dangerous thing you can ever do to yourself is doubt.

Doubt comes disguised as being practical or objective or real. Soon you will start wondering whether you missed something or are doing things the wrong way. Once you begin thinking this way, trust me you will get undeniable evidence to support this.

It does not matter what the world thinks, your own progress is the evidence you need. Endurance does not only strengthen character but it reveals to you and the world who you truly are. It builds faith and shows that you are sure about your dream.

What do you need most to achieve your goals?

You need cooperation. Your body, your mind, your heart and soul must all be in synch. Because your outer being must work with your inner being. Your inner being is determined by your self-worth. If you believe you can do something without a doubt, then you will. Learn to encourage yourself because your inner story will determine if you have the strength to weather the challenges and see your dream come true or give up in despair.