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Powerful and life changing lessons from the lock down

The pandemic affected people in many different and personal ways. Personally I have always lived a life filled with gratitude but my appreciation grew to another level. I learned humility, not that I was proud before but because I gained a new clarity about the ridiculousness of it all. Seeing how fast our world could be turned down reiterated to me that Bible verse that what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.

Goodbye bitterness, hello blessedness

I felt the grace of God surround me and fill me in ways I had never known possible. It felt like a honeymoon and I am emerging stronger and more anchored in the grace that is boundless. I was made aware of my worth as a child of God; nothing that happens from here onward will change that.

With this kind of blessedness, I was able to realise that for a long time I tended to focus solely on the struggle and pain, only remembering the people and situations that caused me pain.

God revealed to me that placing blame on people does us a disservice and usually leads us into bondage. We set ourselves up to be the victims, never able to fully move forward. I had to release the bitterness, anger and rage and forgive past hurts from the bottom of my heart.

I proudly watched my children transform into amazing human beings even as their world fell apart. God surely had me in mind when he blessed me with these beautiful humans. On days when I felt low and grew weary, my daughter would hug me and remind me that God is still in the business of doing miracles and wonders.

On days when I was too lethargic to do anything, my son would take over the chores while my little Malaika prayed over me and pretty much everyone and everything. I feel beyond blessed.

Moving mountains

For the first time in my prayer life I asked God to align me with the right people. I have seen him come through during this pandemic more than ever. I got calls from people I had never met who wanted to encourage me and further my progress. I now understand that when God wants to elevate you, He sets your environment first.

I also got a chance to demonstrate my obedience to the Father. I have a friend who gave up his car to a stranger and for a long time I thought something was wrong with him. But I found myself responding to the spirit’s guidance to give to people that hurt me in the past and pray for strangers.

While we patiently waited to see how things would end, I used this time to meditate and gain more understanding into God’s goodness. I didn’t know until recently that prayer requires a lot of isolation and solitude from everything and anyone. I knew for sure that prayer moves mountains but I confirmed it as my own mountains started to move while praying on my own.

I have had bad and good days but such a life changing experience. I am thankful to God for what He has prepared before us in the new-normal. I know a lot of people, habits, projects, and character traits have to be left in the past. This new journey will need a lot of courage, sacrifice, honesty, selfishness and intentional living. I feel honoured to be here and alive this moment. I pray for God’s protection and provision for each one of you.

Written by Sandra Musimenta

Ms Musimenta is a mother of three,  Girl-child activist, writer and entrepreneur.