We might be in lock down but, our kitchens are not

As this year’s Mothers’ Day approaches, many of us must be wondering how to treat our mums in this lock down. Mary Jackie Nanyonjo suggests baking this delicious shepherd’s pie. This shepherd’s pie is made with minced meat instead of the traditional ground lamb. It is delicious, filling and easy to make.

Let’s get cooking

Add a little cooking oil to your sauce pan. Just enough to grease the pan and add your minced meat.

When it begins to brown, add your chopped onions and carrots.

Add your chopped coloured peppers.

And your chopped tomatoes.

Mix it all up and let it cook.

Add your previously cooked peas. While, this cooking, make mashed potatoes.

When everything is cooked, get your already mashed potatoes and put a layer on the bottom of your baking tray and fill it with your minced meat vegetable mix. Put another layer on top and put in the oven until it turns golden brown.

And enjoy!

Ms Nanyonjo is a dietitian and foodie. Photos by Chef Raphael.