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Your Mind is Prime Space, Guard it Jealously- Beatrice Byemanzi

Beatrice Byemanzi is the church leader at Worship Harvest.  The bubbly, articulate and fearfully intelligent B3, as she is known to her congregation is head of a 6000+ strong youthful congregation.

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Cissy talks about the benefits of adding yoga to your lifestyle

Cissy Nansere is one of the most popular and agile yogis in Uganda. She is popular on Instagram, for creating beautiful shapes in front of beautiful backdrops.

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How Orikiriza recycled her way to a multimillion enterprise 

“The success I have today is a culmination of all my past attempts and failures,” Rusia Orikiriza begins her narrative.

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How I lost over 70 kgs in 12 months

Hadasa Were is so glamorous, so fit that you would never guess just a few months ago she was one of those overweight women that people never give a second glance.

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How Lucy Bunyenyezi made it to the top while staying true to herself 

Lucy Bunyenyezi is one for the most famous influencers in Africa. Known as Smize, to her millions of followers on her social media platforms, the influencer’s innate wisdom, unabashed sense of morality tempered with a surprising pragmatism have helped her succeed in the highly competitive world of online marketing.

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How Patricia Muumba achieved her dream of getting a top Ivy League Education

A lot of young people today are too afraid to talk about their dreams because they seem impossible to achieve. But my experience has taught me that talking about one’s dreams automatically launches them into existence. The power of manifestation is something I cultivated since childhood; although as a child it looked different.

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Gisela turned $500 investment into $100,000 in one year

What can you do with $500? For Gisela van Houcke, it was enough to finance a brand that has global influence. For her brand Zuri Luxury Hair and Beauty, Gisela was named number 19 on the prestigious Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2018.

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Mirian left her glamorous job and found her best life

Mirian Ndyanabo Kaamate is a woman who seems to run on an inexhaustible supply of positive energy. She lives in a world many young girls dream of; a successful career, loving family and impactful involvement in community.

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Why I became a Ssenga- Hamida Namatovu

Ssenga Hamida Namatovu is a relationship expert whose expertise has taken her to Dubai, Cairo, Congo, Tanzania, Kigali and the USA.

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Toni Morrison books every woman should read

Whenever you pick up a Toni Morrison book, expect a journey from which you will return educated, entertained and enlightened.

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