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Elegant Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Home

Many homeowners have embraced kitchen islands because not only are the functional, but they also enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics.

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From ‘I Do’ to ‘I Understand’: The Role of Personality Assessments in Understanding Marital Dynamics

Pearl Baine, proprietor and therapist at The Sallies Therapy Center, notes that many people struggle in their marital relationships and sometimes choose to even part ways, not because of how they behave in the relationship with their partners but majorly because of who they are as individuals.

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Early detection saved my life – Katoroogo

Christine Kaseeta  Katoroogo is a breast cancer survivor.  While she concedes that yes cancer sucks and it is very fatal she also believes that it is beatable; early detection is the difference between life and death.

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Cissy talks about the benefits of adding yoga to your lifestyle

Cissy Nansere is one of the most popular and agile yogis in Uganda. She is popular on Instagram, for creating beautiful shapes in front of beautiful backdrops.

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Embracing Social Media As a Communication Tool in Churches

When done well, social networking can enhance the fellowship of the church by providing congregants a window into each other’s lives....

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How Orikiriza recycled her way to a multimillion enterprise 

“The success I have today is a culmination of all my past attempts and failures,” Rusia Orikiriza begins her narrative.

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How I lost over 70 kgs in 12 months

Hadasa Were is so glamorous, so fit that you would never guess just a few months ago she was one of those overweight women that people never give a second glance.

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Daily Habits That Are Aging You Faster

Since getting older is an extremely slow and gradual process how you spend every minute will determine whether you are vibrant, strong or you are degrading fast and looking older than you really are.

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Prayers Every Parent Should Pray Over Their Children

One of the most important jobs as parents is to keep our children’s lives covered in prayer.  It doesn’t matter whether they are not yet born or they are all grown and having children of their own.

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Can Christians Today Really Impact Culture

As Christians, we have been given the responsibility of reaching out to people and bringing them to God.

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