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Cissy talks about the benefits of adding yoga to your lifestyle

Cissy Nansere is one of the most popular and agile yogis in Uganda. She is popular on Instagram, for creating beautiful shapes in front of beautiful backdrops.

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How I lost over 70 kgs in 12 months

Hadasa Were is so glamorous, so fit that you would never guess just a few months ago she was one of those overweight women that people never give a second glance.

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Daily Habits That Are Aging You Faster

Since getting older is an extremely slow and gradual process how you spend every minute will determine whether you are vibrant, strong or you are degrading fast and looking older than you really are.

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What it took for two Ugandan hairpreneurs to produce a global standard product

If you are part of the natural hair movement, chances are you have benefited from Charlyn Kentaro and Tasha Nkwanzi’s labour of love.

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