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Respect Yourself And Others Will Follow

Most people who are at high levels of success and influence share qualities that make them stand out. For example, they are disciplined, near-perfectly reliable and respected.

While there are other factors that influence your ability to gain respect, such as work ethic, personal character and attitude, one thing is for sure; if you don’t show people respect, it is unlikely they will respect you.

So how do you show respect to yourself and others?


To respect someone is to value that person’s ideas, feelings, space, or privacy. We show respect by listening to people and trying to follow their wishes when it comes to their feelings and body. It is important to respect others but it is also very important to respect yourself by staying in control of yourself and telling people when they are making you uncomfortable.


Don’t spend your time worrying about getting respect and instead spend that time doing your job really, really well. Get a reputation for being really good at what you do, and word will surely get around.


Personally I interpret someone’s lateness as a sign of disrespect to both of us. If you make an appointment for a particular time, be there. If problems come along communicate accordingly.  Along similar lines, if you promise to finish a project, an appointment, or anything else keep that promise.

Dress the part

Like it or not, we all make unconscious assumptions based on appearance. When we meet someone or just get a glimpse of them crossing the street, we form an almost instant assessment, a mental impression that tells us something about that person. While, yes, you should dress a little nicer than you are expected to, don’t dress up so much that you look out of place or like you don’t fit into the culture. Dress the way you want to be seen; as someone who is professional and credible, someone who is serious because it is all about personal power.


Seek out relationships with others in your organization who are well-respected and well-liked. And we are not just talking about your superiors only but anyone who has a great reputation around the office.  People earn respect by inspiring others to do the best they can.

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