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From hawking Beads To Running A Billion Shillings Company

“The success I have today is a culmination of all my past attempts and failures,” Rusia Orikiriza begins her narrative.

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How Patricia Muumba achieved her dream of getting a top Ivy League Education

A lot of young people today are too afraid to talk about their dreams because they seem impossible to achieve. But my experience has taught me that talking about one’s dreams automatically launches them into existence. The power of manifestation is something I cultivated since childhood; although as a child it looked different.

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Gisela turned $500 investment into $100,000 in one year

What can you do with $500? For Gisela van Houcke, it was enough to finance a brand that has global influence. For her brand Zuri Luxury Hair and Beauty, Gisela was named number 19 on the prestigious Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2018.

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What it took for two Ugandan hairpreneurs to produce a global standard product

If you are part of the natural hair movement, chances are you have benefited from Charlyn Kentaro and Tasha Nkwanzi’s labour of love.

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Jacqueline Rugasira on love, divorce and entrepreneurship

Jacqueline Rivanga and Andrew Rugasira were once that couple that made everyone believe in a perfect love. They were successful, influential and inseparable.

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