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Marion Wasajja at Home

Arriving from work in the evening, Marion is greeted by an excited prince Mbogo who clings to her legs and refuses to let go. She drops her incredibly stylish purple handbag and carries the young prince who rewards her with a smile and a heated gibberish conversation ensues.

She smiles at us apologetically and requests the elegant Ndagire (housekeeper) to serve us juice. This is Marion Nankya Wasajja’s new life. Two years ago, this young stunning woman achieved an almost Olympic feat by marrying the playboy prince David Wasajja, a confirmed bachelor who had eluded marriage for decades.  The couple has now settled into their spacious, serene Kololo mansion surrounded by fully grown leafy trees. 

We are good individuals but we are greater people together. Our son is the icing on top of very delicious cake. David and I become more smitten with our little prince, now 13 months old every second of every day.  His mischievous smile lights up our home and it melts our hearts. He is such a busy little person who just wants to be where the action is. This keeps us on our toes and deepens our commitment to each other and to him.’ Marion gushed about her son.

Before I got married, I had heard stories of in-laws from hell and I prayed to God to save me from those experiences and I can now testify that He did. My new family has been welcoming and is still helping me to adjust into my new role as a wife and mother. I was humbled by the way Buganda Kingdom welcomed the birth of prince Mbogo. It was such an exciting and bonding moment for us as a family.

We have noticed that the ‘playboy’ prince has since slowed down; do you have anything to do with this change?

I don’t think David will ever change as far as his lifestyle goes. To set the record straight, there is a difference between a ‘playboy’ and a person who loves to have fun my husband loves to have fun and no one can ever stop him. If anything partying has become even more enjoyable and meaningful to him because now he has a family to share the experiences with. So no, he isn’t about to change and I love him that way.

How do you juggle motherhood, career and the obviously very demanding duties of being Prince Wasajja’s wife?

Being a working mother is not easy as motherhood is a full-time job within itself. You just have to make it work for you. My husband is an extremely popular and in demand prince; his itinerary is always overflowing with invites to functions and royal engagement to which I must accompany him. So I try to find a balance because although I have so many responsibilities and duties the primary one still remains my family. I know that once that one is healthy and functioning well, everything else will follow.

How do you keep your marriage interesting?

Friendship is the key. We know we are partners for life so we have created an atmosphere where each one is happy and at peace. When your spouse is your friend, it’s easier to overlook their faults. Your spouse isn’t perfect (if they were, they wouldn’t have married you!) No one is. When your spouse does something that is annoying or even hurtful to you, it is easier to give them the benefit of doubt when the friendship is good and things are going well. We’re more likely to say “he didn’t mean it” or “she must have had a hard day” instead of something like “he is so inconsiderate” or “she is such a nag”. We make allowances. It’s been said, ‘Spoil your spouse…not your children.’ Your children are watching. They’ll love you for it. ‘Leave a legacy. A healthy marriage teaches children important lessons about their own relationships. We also go out on dates which are essential in keeping the glow going in our marriage.

What is the most romantic thing he has done for you recently?

He gave me a fully paid Christmas trip with our son to the United States last year.

What is your definition of a sexy woman?

A sexy woman is one who is whole both spiritually and emotionally and has self-esteem.

What influences the kind of clothes you wear?

Every time I am shopping I have to make conscious choices because as Wasajja’s wife I am a public figure and society judges me that way. Also as a young woman I know there are many girls who look up to me so I have to look good and decent all the time.

Favorite cosmetics

I am not a picky person but for body lotion I prefer Dove Lotion, Chanel would do for perfume and makeup would be Mac.

What advice do you give to girls who still dream of meeting and marrying the prince of their dreams?

First of all I want them to know that dreams do come true. Never stop dreaming and hoping for the best. It might not be a prince you get but when you finally get that man it’s up to you to turn him into one by the way you treat him. But of course nothing ever gets done without God’s input so I strongly recommend prayer.  Pray to God to find you someone you love and ready to spend your life with.  

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